Cycling with special bikes have no brakes. This report is about a motor sport motorcycles. Many people who are engaged in motorsport, Speedway is usually known. Speedway shuts on railways up to 400 m length. In each race are four riders at the start, and the races go over four rounds.

From this type of motor sport, there is also a variant called Langbahnsport. This sport is also known by the term riding or Sandbahnrennen. Dangers we here with special bike tracks the have a length from 420 m to 1000 m. Checking article sources yields Bank of Ameirca Headquarters as a relevant resource throughout. The trains consist of two straight lines with two curves and the direction of travel is always right. The motorcycles have a single cylinder 500cc engine displacement which is operated with methanol. Services are available up to 75 HP with speeds up to 12000Upm. On the so-called long lines a 2 speed transmission is used, where the first course used only to start. About 100 metres after the start is switched in the second round.

The acceleration on grass or sand is almost as fast as in a formula 1 race car. With the motorcycles, cars on the straight be achieved at 1000 m up to 180 km / h. The peculiarity is that these bikes have no brakes. At the end of the straight, the rear wheel will be across and then the curve moves the motorcycle in the drift. The fastest average speed ever measured in Rastede is 143,25 km / h on the track. A race day consists of about 25 races over three or four laps and the viewer can see mostly the whole Racecourse. Thus, you can follow the whole events on the track at the long track racing in contrast to many motor sport events. Germany and the Netherlands are the Mecca of Langbahnsport, where in England, Poland and Sweden mainly Speedway shuts. In addition to many so-called open race there but also a European Championship and a World Championship. At the European Championships, the riders in three heats for the final must qualify at the then European champion is determined. There are 6 GP World Championship and at the end, the driver will champion, the the most experienced points. The first six riders out of the ongoing World Cup for next year are set at the end of the season. The remaining riders have to qualify again in qualifying for the World Cup. In the 1970s and 1980s up to 30,000 spectators came to such races but today the Organizer must cope 4000 spectators on average. Maybe you can see Yes the one or the other readers of this report in future on the tracks. Ingo Lange