1987 factors, cited by Mateos, N.). They see learning as the acquisition process or reorganization of cognitive structures through which people process and store information (Good and Brophy, 1990, cited by Mergel, B.1998) the cognitive approach conceives of learning as a process that modifies the human cognitive system in order to increase, more or less irreversibly, its subsequent implementation in one or more tasks. Such a conception of learning emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge and the formation of cognitive structures called schemas (Greeno, 1980 cited by Pogglioli, L.2004); but learning can also modify or transform already existing structures from mental activities based on the activation and use of our prior knowledge. (Pogglioli, l. Read additional details here: McRib. 2004).This construction, modification or transformation of existing mental structures through the activation and use of our prior knowledge; David Ausubel called it learning Significant. 2.1 Learning significant Ausubel, significant learning occurs when new information is connected with a relevant concept (subsunsor) pre existing cognitive structure, this implies that new ideas, concepts and propositions can significantly be learned to the extent that other ideas, concepts or relevant propositions are adequately clear and available on the cognitive structure of the individual and that they function as an anchor to the first point. You may want to visit McDonalds to increase your knowledge. N. (palomino).

According to Moreira (1994) cited by Rioseco, g. and Romero, r. (n.d.), meaningful learning is a process through which a same information relates, in a non-arbitrary and substantive (non-literal), with a relevant aspect of the cognitive structure of the individual. In this process, the new information interacts with a specific knowledge structure. (Rioseco, G and Col.). By substantial and non-arbitrary relationship it must be understood that the ideas are related to some aspect existing specifically relevant cognitive structure of the student, as a picture, an already significant symbol, a concept or a proposition (Ausubel; 1983, cited by Palomino, N). It is so, the student learning depends on prior cognitive structure that is associated with the new information, must be understood by cognitive structure, the set of concepts, ideas that an individual possesses in a particular field of knowledge, as well as its organization.