Third-party aircraft Fund DCM AG coming with 10 years maturity and further developed concept after the DCM AG in the past two months alone about $ 20 million for its first Fund in cargo aircraft could place and out placement so shortly before is, yesterday was the third aircraft Fund of the Munich-based emission House at the start. “With the DCM GmbH & co. aircraft Fund 5 KG” can investors participate in a Boeing 777F, one of the most promising and cost-effective cargo aircraft in the world. As in the first aircraft Fund, offering participation relies on planning reliability as well as constant, reliable cash flows. For this purpose, in particular Lufthansa Cargo AG and Deutsche Post Beteiligungen holding GmbH as parent companies of the leasing nehmers AeroLogic GmbH, and in particular the advantageous contracts are in addition to the new Boeing 777F. The so-called operate lease agreement sets that are all running costs for operation, maintenance and repair by the lessee and to thus also bear the additional cost risk. Also, this is Risk of the load solely by the lessee.

The cargo plane is full life condition to the end of the term in the mint condition”to return, which favors an advantageous sale to the end of the term of the Fund. New to the third aircraft funds of DCM is the shortened term of 10 years (up to 31.12.2019), which completely through the 10-year lease agreement with AeroLogic is covered and over the whole period p.a. allow constant current distributions of 7 per cent. These are exempt from tax on the basis of the existing loss carry-forwards. Overall, the total return is 167 percent before tax, including the return of the deposit. A drawing of the Fund is from $ 10,000 plus 5 percent premium.

The total investment amounts to $ 91.5 million and should be raised up to December 31, 2009 with renewal options of one or two years. The DCM is currently the only fund initiator, which specifically and exclusively relies on cargo planes. In the last 30 years could according to Boeing Air cargo transport have a stable growth of 5.8 percent per year and recovered is demonstrably faster scrolling of the economy as the passenger. This and the low cost of revitalization”after the first period of use make as cargo aircraft. By reducing the time we take into account who want constant cash flows over a manageable period of 10 years the needs of new target groups. Further advantages include tax exemption on almost the entire run-time as well as a market, expect a tripling of demand over the next 20 years”, explains Claus Hermuth AG. as Chairman of the Board of DCM The Munich-based DCM Deutsche capital management AG is one of the leading independent emission houses in the German investment market. The investment amounts to more than Euro 4 billion since inception. More information under: