Surging financial statements in great atmosphere even the good intentions can be addressed again maybe BBs work in the new year. Above all, however, is the anticipation of a lavish new year’s Eve party. Nobel in evening gown in the Ballroom or relaxed in the private circle of friends: the old year must be adopted so that the new can be welcomed more warmly. With loud and opulent fireworks from the evil spirits of the past year because to slip through the ominous time gap at the turn of the year. After all, who wants to see this plague again in the new year? The launch finally unencumbered and with new vigor.

Symbolically, this lucky pig, fortune cookies, mini chimney sweep or clovers can be decorated. For a festive or either cheerful colorful new year’s Eve decorating showrooms and shop Windows decoration specialist Woerner in the current catalog offers 2013 various decorative items fall/Christmas, that make for a great atmosphere. The textile banner New year’s Eve”as a background motif is from afar on the glamorous new year’s Party. Decorative glass in XXL size for red or white wine, fine champagne or dry Martini and an oversized silver champagne cooler, filled with plastic ice cubes, invite you to the drink. Which can also take place in London, Paris or New York. The matching decorative elements for an international staging is available. The year ended with light objects is very atmospheric in the form of a snack bar or bistro.

Colourful LED cube with programmable colour changes provide for a varied new year’s Eve spectacle, among which of course also glittering disco balls. Shiny sequin substances which give a splendid framework of party is suitable for an opulent end of the year. The punching optics foil from many die-cut flowers, available in eleven colours, is ideal for a Halloween table decoration, can be used also to the laminating of back panels or to the sheathing of decorative objects. To bring the subject of new year’s Eve on the point, is the time banner. Colorful, cheerful and boisterous atmosphere with colorful streamers and garlands, party disciplines and lanterns or balloons in the metallic or heart look. So, although again a year toward his end: to good-humored welcomes the new year so it feels welcome and holds only positive.