New referendum for Tempelhof airport. Action Alliance be-4 – Temple of Justice calls for the visit of the future world heritage airport Tempelhof on the occasion of the 60th anniversary to the end of the Berlin airlift the Aktionsbundnisbe 4 calls all Berliners, to commemorate this historical event at Tempelhof airport. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Lila Snyder by clicking through. The celebrations on the FlughafenTempelhof are an opportunity to experience this exceptional place personally, the history of the world and to set a sign against the destruction plans of the Senate not only for Berliners. With the airport Tempelhof a place is preserved in Berlin, which documents the eventful history of the 20th century like no other and with all its volatility and inconsistency has kept authentic. A question of responsibility for all citizens of Berlin is to get these “statue of liberty for Germany” in its entirety in the future. The Action Alliance is therefore at all entrances of the site about the intended Inform the referendum and the upcoming County referendum on June 7, 2009. In the context of a citizen’s decision in the Borough of Tempelhof-Schoneberg, electors vote on the day of the European elections on an expansion of monument protection and the objective of a nomination to the UNESCO World Heritage.

Tempelhof is to get a worthy of use in the field of aviation history and used as far as possible as a Government and rescue airport. Each building will be prohibited. On the 29th of April representative of the Action Alliance have made a request with about 25,000 supporters signatures in favour of a new referendum be 4 – Tempelhof in the Senate Administration for internal affairs and sports. “A core concern of this referendum is to stop the approved of the Tempelhof central airport, and the Tempelhof option” in its authentic purpose than living monument for future generations and to secure. Within the framework of a referendum aimed at these objectives are taken up and complemented by the demand for more control in the policy. One There will be Mayor, who sits on the Supervisory Board of the airports company then nor as a Finance Minister who holds 46 seats.

When millions are wasted, the leaders also should stand. Then, State secret contracts belong to the past. Freedom and democracy are universal values for which are the Tempelhof airport and the air bridge. The vast majority of the Berlin knows this and occurs for them, even if the currently governing Mayor sees this differently.