Young people are always moving forward, not noticing the obstacles in its path. This category is the most advanced of its time. The concept of "fashion" of interest to them, as for anyone. Schoolchildren, students, young workers – they are all native culture of the state and individual subcultures. Questions of "What to wear? How? Why and when? "- Are more interested in young consumers. Despite the political views and national identity, the most popular among the youth clothing are jeans. They are convenient, reliable, and allow to stand out. Jeans worn by all: persons of royal blood, the presidents of countries, slum dwellers are neighborhoods of Brooklyn.

Appearance jeans in the youth we should be grateful hippies, because they have revolutionized the world of denim fashion. Even Native Americans, American Indians, seeing the advantage of jeans before capes of animal skins Animals, too, began to wear a "cowboy clothing." Jeans and jersey are great for sports and recreation. Important for young people is that they conveniently and comfortably. The classic version of the average teenager: sneakers, T-shirt 2 sizes bigger, a cap with a large brim and, of course, worn jeans. Ditto for young people tend to wear jeans to school, to work at the institute. Going into any educational institution, we see that the minimum More than half of all students are dressed in jeans.

This is further evidence of their popularity and indispensability. Individual words worthy of clothing for girls. As attractive and graceful looks and beautiful figure of a young person in properly selected denim pants. Although women's options with a low waist, a special cut and styles, have been producing recently, they were able to worthily enter into our lives. I feel like saying: "The best friends girls – it's denim clothing. " One major factor is the choice of clothes imitation of their idols. Youth tries to imagine all the news from the world of fashion. It is worth remembering, as we have children, seeing on the screen's favorite singer or an actor, began to imitate him. Actions, tone of voice, certain expressions (eg "I'll be back" A. Schwarzenegger), style of dress. Do you remember? And most of them were dressed in, you guessed it, jeans. Here is where does universal love for them, even from childhood.