After the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, left the company in 1985, the section ‘Product Development’ was by Jean-Louis Gassee, formal manager of Apple France. Gassee boosted Apple’s product line in two directions, pointing to greater “openness” in terms of expandability and interoperability and a higher price. Gassee long argued that Apple should sell its computers in the “low market”, where profits were low, but should concentrate on “high market” and a higher profit margin. He illustrated the concept using a graph showing the price / performance ratio of computers with low power and low cost in the lower left and machines with high power and more expensive in the upper right.That goal of achieving the “higher law” of the market became a mantra among members of senior management, who referred to the policy of 55 percent profit margin Gassee with the phrase “fifty-five or death. The policy of “higher law” finally led to a series of computers with increased prices. Original plans of the first Macintosh computer spoke of a valued around 1000, but was released at 2495. From there, prices began to rise Macs: the Mac Plus was 2599, (slightly more than above), the SE 2900 or 3900 depending on model, and the Macintosh II core, 5500. The latest machines cost even more: the Macintosh IIcx worth 5369, the IIci 6269, and 9900 IIfx-all without monitors or keyboards. Additional information is available at NYC Marathon. The only machine Apple sold cheap in the 80s was the Mac Plus, sold at about 2,000.Having abandoned the “lower left” in the market years ago and being overlooked in the high PC market, Apple had the money raised in the eighties quickly retreated. The situation deteriorated further over Christmas 1989 when we had the first decrease in sales of Apple in years, and the shortfall of 20 percent of the price of the shares of the company in that quarter. In January 1990 , Gassee resigned and authority for product development was divided among several heirs. Many Apple engineers have demanded for some time lower-cost options to build market share and increase demand through the entire spectrum price. With Gassee outside the company, quickly began to introduce market low-cost machines.We identified three systems: a computer for a very low cost ( 1000), a low-cost computer with color graphics and a sophisticated computer with color graphics for small business use. Later, the names would be developed with the Macintosh Classic, Macintosh IIsi and Macintosh LC respectively.