Well, or wait for her translation. Internet resources for naming if the books on naming in Russia, things are tight, that the Internet offers a great variety. If desired, the network can "dig up" a lot of interesting material on naming. The main problem is that sites and portals often replicate each other's articles, result, they simply repeat themselves, so much so that the source is difficult to determine in general. But most importantly – information about the naming is, and it is readily available. (Similarly see: NYC Marathon). The most interesting and informative resource – encnaming.ru – Encyclopedia Naming. Here you can find lots of useful articles, laws, news in this area.

On our site You can also find articles about the naming, as well as analytical information on naming. Site Brandmarket you will find many articles on branding and naming, as well as reviews of books on the subject. Naming the site entirely devoted to naming and offers a good selection of material on the subject. Retail – Library this resource offers a wealth of materials on a variety of topics, including – branding and naming. – personal site of a famous marketer Valentine Peppers, where you can "profit" articles on branding and naming.

Also be useful to go to blog about naming, which supports the company BrandAid news companies, including a newly developed product names, renaming, rebranding daily published on the portal Sostav By naming has a direct bearing Site , which can produce fonosemantichesky analysis of every word (eg, name, title) – that is, a sound analysis of its effects on humans. As a result of the analysis you get a set of values that characterize word in terms of sound perception. However, one must understand that fonosemantichesky analysis provides a description of one-sided and ignores such important factors as the meaning of the word and its associated individual associations. Therefore, based on naming fonosemanticheskom analysis is not necessary, it can only provide further food for thought. All future suggests that the interest in naming in Russia is growing steadily. The market appears more and more Companies who require naming and ready to invest in the development finance titles – for yourself or your product. Increases and the number of organizations offering professional naming. All this creates fertile ground for research into the naming, appearance is not only literate articles, but also full of educational materials, adapted to the Russian reality. Naming grows and develops.