Drama has Shown an interest in current issues of our time from the earliest products. In the period from 1879 to 1883. Shaw wrote five novels: “immaturity”, “unreasonable marriage,” “Love Artists,” “Job Keshilya Byron,” and “Socialist loner.” In those years, Shaw’s novels have not received recognition. Beginner the writer had to endure a long and unequal combat with numerous publishers. He received only rejections, but do not give up.

An innovator by nature, and show a novel tried to introduce something new. Show Novels testified he inherent skill of the playwright, is still waiting for his case detection. In the novels it was reflected in a clearly expressed tendency to dialogized form, brilliantly constructed dialogue, which all without exception belong to the main show site. In 1884, Shaw joined the Fabian Society, soon after its creation. It was a social reformist organization, seek to direct the working movement. The task of the members of the Fabian Society was considered study of the principles of socialism and the transition paths for him. As a true innovator in the field of Shaw spoke of the drama. It approved a new type of English theater drama – intellectual drama, in which the principal place belongs to no intrigue, no gripping story, and even tense disputes, witty verbal fights, which lead his heroes. Shaw called his play “The play-discussions.” They captured the depth of the problems, an unusual form of their resolution, they excited the audience consciousness, made it hard to think about what is happening and fun to laugh along with the playwright over absurdity of existing laws, orders, customs.