M-Way solutions product boasts high quality usability, functionality and design. The enterprise Appstore Relution developed from the Stuttgart enterprise mobility expert M-way solutions”(www.relution.io) meets the quality demands of IT departments in usability, functionality and design. This triad gives Relution’ a Premiumpositionierung in the market. Because the critical success factors for a company’s own Appstore are intuitive usability, catchy functionality and attractive design. These criteria, which decisively decide on the acceptance of app stores through the employee sales up to the IT Department.

M-Way solutions has recognized this and incorporate in the development of his app stores. M-Way solutions Enterprise Appstore is the company depot of free of content and applications. The provided apps can be downloaded from the employees and used, regardless of whether it is corporate or private devices. All relevant types of apps it can native apps (iOS, Android) be distributed hybrid apps and Web links. Thus Relution helps”to minimize security risks and relieved at the same time the IT departments. Relution”offers helpful ways of integration: in the professional development of iOS apps, Android apps and other applications an extensible, Web-based system is often used for continuous integration of software, mostly Jenkins. Thus increments of paver software can be automated build, test, and monitor. After the successful run of this process, it is with the Relution “-Publisher, a Jenkins-plugin possible to transfer the finished apps directly in the enterprise Appstore.” Then you can iterate the entire approval process.

This makes Relution”app development cycle from the development of the testing, the approval process to the distribution of the app. App stores are increasingly tailored to specific customer segments and requirements this approach also M-way solutions follows: “Relution” can simply be adapted to customer-specific requirements, and also differs from many solutions available in the market. Relution”is used in various sectors and industries, including automotive, logistics, and pharmaceutical, as well as in cities and municipalities. M-way solutions-M-way solutions is a leading provider of mobile enterprise software and solutions in Germany.