What is cinema? This is entertainment or an art? The cinema has a great influence on our lives. In many countries film industry put on a grand scale and is largely a country's economy. Movies we can see in cinemas, on television or on video (tape or disk). How does its infancy cinema? The world's first movie was filmed and shown 1895goda December 28. This case put their efforts two brothers, a Frenchman – Augusta Lumiere and Louis Jean. With his invention in 1896godu brothers made the world tour: visited Bombay, New York, London. Cinema has come to Russia in January 1894 when the Congress in Moscow doctors were shown moving and the riders Throwers copies.

This video was filmed using a movie camera designed by Freidenberg which used Skachkov mechanism I. Timchenko. What kind of a movie in the beginning? An entire era in world cinema – a silent movie. Some videos only appeared in 1920. The first feature film "Road to Life" was filmed with sound and shows the American company 'Warner Brothers' in 1931.

But this does not mean that the movie did not develop before time. The unique style of communication with the audience, using gestures and facial expressions developed in the silent movie. Express their feelings by some silent film actors are not surpassed even today. But the silent movie in the truest sense can not be called in cinemas for showing these films were the soundtrack in the form of piano, such people were called 'pianist'.