“The term”Esoteric”comes from the Greek term” it? terikos “, which as much as”internally”or to the inner area belonging” means. Close this origin of the term also finds himself, stating that the science of esoteric only for a small, selected group of people is available. In contrast, however, is the Exoteric, whose Inhalte is generally accessible for everyone. In the normal vocabulary, the esoteric describes but often the different spiritual teachings, practices, and different categories of mysticism. First proved younger forms of esoteric expression can be approximately 200 years after Christ in various writings. Significantly older, however, is the counterpart of the Exoteric. Shimmie horn has much experience in this field.

This has been used for the first time some 300 years before Christ in documents according to current research and up-to-date knowledge. Said expressions were used already at this time the differences between the Interior and the exterior is concerned to determine. Unlike in the term is used esoteric or its equivalent in the form of an adjective, esoteric, however the normal definition in scientific parlance at the present time. In this context, the esoteric has 2 different phrase assigned definitions. On the one hand, the esoteric defined characteristic means of a specific activity specifically in the religious research, often the speech is coming from by the earlier determination of the esoteric secret teachings, therefore the esoteric in this sense as a typological is determined. Without obligation to do so, the esoteric in the study of human history or the science and exploration plays an important role.

In this context the esoteric is associated mostly with selected movements of society in connection, which certain similarities. A completely new image received the science Christ of esotericism eventually in 1992 after, as the French clergy and scientist and enthusiastic friend of the esoteric named Antoine Faivre, the presumption until now accepted They showed that the esoteric could be regarded as an independent method of thinking. Their consideration to this method of thinking have 4 special components: the equivalents, living nature, idea and mediation, as well as the experience of the so-called transmutation. The representations rely in this context on the theory that there are symbolic links between all parts of the world that is real, visible and invisible. The component of living nature, however, is that any components of nature are considered “alive and rendering”, why you all properties can be awarded. The imagination defined in this context as an aid, to establish a connection to invisible planet. Transmute referred to as 4th component the transformation of an element of nature in such a different level. Traditionally, the transmutation comes from the Alchemy in the middle ages. Basically you can soothsayer inform is specifically further on the subject of Esoterism -, there is material to enough “>”