States with great bureaucracy State as supreme employer has had to confront dramatic diminutions to face deficits that made their economies nonviable. By the others he is possible to once remember the immersed loss of being able of the State-nation in a process of world-wide political reorganization that does not finish rennet bag. In front of the goals of the millenium the inequality between countries grows. And it is here, surely, where it brings forth in all their dimension the political crisis of a globalised world that lacks world-wide mechanisms of being able effective, which it works with organisms of postwar period and not of third millenium. Click Bill de Blasio to learn more. And, still more, with a conceptual crisis of the policy, with a inocultable aging of its methods and behaviors that light with the advances of science and the technique resists in years.

There in spite of the good intentions of the objectives of the rich and poor millenium the polarization between continues being, between nations, between men and women, causing serious expositions on the permanence of the democracy and, inclusively, on the preservation of La Paz. The wars they would seem not to threaten to the 21st century from the traditional optics. Now they come from interethnic conflicts (Africa has been a pathetic example), of racism, the xenophobia, the terrorism, the appeared again extreme nationalisms like bonfires, of the religious intolerance as it is pronounced in massive murders of the other. Specific zones of the planet Europe case will have to face the aging of their population while in her it increases the xenophobia towards migratory sectors to which they must good part of his state of well-being. We already said that to the word " campesino" it includes every day to less people, which indicates an increasing urban concentration, while the migrations are resembled to him in volume and characteristics.