New XING group: European press Federation ideal for sideline working media professionals and journalists: want to expand your activities or make international contacts, you will receive a number of benefits with the EPF membership. The EPF was founded as a not-for profit organization of industry experts and also journalists, supported the part-time working are. So many committed newcomers are therefore the EPF members with much practical knowledge. Immediately can be used worldwide: The international press pass (IPA)… Inform recently European press Federation about current and interesting topics around the theme of journalism can become members of XING in the new group”. Many interested journalists from almost all sectors of the press industry group EPF are members of XING. The EPF Group acts as an interface between the XING group EPF and the same Press Association of European press Fedaration e.V.

( In addition to preferred purchasing advantages, the EPF is permanently attractive Member offers. So include the range of services including individual press discounts or special rates in the service sector. The EPF occurs as a neutral provider. Special attention is an independent journalistic work for media professionals (whether main or part-time working).

The EPF rejects narrowing able regulations. The group will be moderated by Jurgen Schneider. He heads the communications/public affairs & administration at the EPF and knows the industry for many years. XING profile: profile/Juergen_Schneider29 here it goes to the Group: group – 41715 e17c9f