You date at a specific date in a specific business, to jointly buy. Carrotmob “stands figuratively for a donkey who is enticed and led to a certain target with the carrot. The shops and markets to join are animated according to this principle: for the Carrotmob the business that is ready to employ the highest proportion of revenues for climate protection is usually awarded. Balance sheet: Protecting targeted consumer climate in Germany the first Carrotmob launched in June 2009 in Berlin in the role. Since then, in Germany, there were many car red mobs, as for example in Munich, Bonn, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Cologne and Bremen.

So far, the actions of energy-saving measures have initiated will prevent in the future more than 100 tonnes of CO2 per year. In addition, the visitors are motivated by their targeted shopping, to remain active and to save energy in your own four walls. Save energy at home help the interactive energy saving Advisor. About the co2online non-profit limited company the non-profit consultancy co2online mbH for reducing climate-damaging CO2 emissions committed. Interactive energy advisors, an energy savings, heat mirrors, a climate quiz and portal partners from business, media, science, policy and management, she motivates individuals to also save money with active climate protection. co2online is funded campaign seeking climate by the Ministry for environment protection”( and motivated with various creative actions to active climate protection: in addition to the nationwide support of car red mobs the campaign has shot the first climate-friendly video of the world in Berlin carried out the first German Green clubbing night, from classical to rock climate-friendly organized musical events. How to contact with Falko Muller co2online non-profit limited company Hochkirchstrasse 9 10829 Berlin Tel: 030 / 210 21 86-12 – fax: 030 / 210 21 86-60 E-Mail: falko.mueller(at) co2online – Klima.sucht.Schutz