Regional impact caused fast Internet additional cost is impossible to imagine today. The possibility to surf anywhere and at any time on the Internet is tempting. But this new form of freedom is sometimes not exactly cheap. As was learned, every twelfth user pays a so-called regional bonus. The consumer portal provides important information on this subject and introduces cheaper alternatives. The regional premiums are charged for regions, which must have no own network for DSL and thus resorting to other providers. The costs for the provider, then pay the customers. On average, about five euros per month is collected.

Generally, Germany has a very well-developed network, especially in the City-States like Bremen or Hamburg. In the capital Berlin, only one percent of the population must pay the surcharge. However, there are places that do without nationwide network. Regions where premiums collected located in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. In this State, 14 percent pay serve circa because there is insufficient for the network expansion. As inform the DSL provider not sufficiently aware of any regional premiums and the associated costs, it is advisable for new customers to take a closer look and read the fine print. Finally, there are alternatives to the regional premiums. So, a higher monthly fee without further costs sometimes is the better solution. Because many bargain turns through the regional impact rather than more expensive blunder. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann