The financial advisory industry is in upheaval. Financial intermediaries must adjust with the beginning of this year many new legal frameworks. By law, they are obliged to prove their qualification for the profession in the future, inter alia. By the impressions of the banking crisis, private investors were also cautious and critical in terms of investment. The customer of today is also demanding and self-confident than in the past. (A valuable related resource: NYC Mayor). In times where everyone on the Internet quickly and easily can inform yourself about the latest offers, customer loyalty decreases. Investors expect today from financial intermediaries, that they consider not only their real financial possibilities, but also their life plans and their own individual ideas in consulting. In the future only independent financial service providers will make to these specific needs of the customers of tomorrow.

They are independent and offer a wide range of financial products. Trust arises but only when are customers competently and feel qualified advice. In an increasingly challenging market environment, the free agents and consultants of investments more than ever on an effective network are instructed. With the AfW, the German financial services Association, the independent financial services have a dedicated partner at their side, who perceive their interests in politics, business and press. The consumers, competent and customer-oriented advice can be offered to benefit from this support ultimately.

That more and more quality prevails in the financial services industry in the long term, is also in the interest of the emission House Faraman. Since 2012 the company belongs therefore to the support members of the AfW, who represents many insurance and investment intermediaries. The underwriter Faraman that specifically supports the central concern of the AfW to create the profession of independent financial services provider and to improve the quality of financial advice. As a supporting member of the AfW, the underwriter together with its numerous uses Distributors for uniform legal requirements for the profession of financial services a. In 2013, the company will continue to maintain the cooperation with the Federal Association and intensify.