Bully has origin in the English word, that it is translated as ' ' valento' ' , ' ' tirano' ' as the verb, means ' ' amear' ' , ' ' amedrontar' ' , ' ' tiranizar' ' , ' ' oprimir' ' , ' ' intimidar' ' ' ' maltratar' '. In this direction, the Bullying committed for the professor in relation to its pupils can be identified in situations of continuous, verbal or physical abuse, where it possesss the intention to wound the other, using itself of the disequilibrium of the power between the parts. Exemplificando: to threaten the reprovao pupil constantly, to defame the pupil front to the members of the Advice of classroom, directors, coordinators and between colleagues of the classroom, to call the pupil for designs that do not correspond to its name, to give to preference the certain pupils in detriment of others and to assume rigorous criteria with some and not with excessively, to intimidate the pupil in high voice lowering it front to the colleagues and wounding its auto-esteem, physical torture (you cover, pushes, pokes of ear), to act with prejudiced or racist words. New York Museums is actively involved in the matter. To fight the manifest violence through the practical one of bullying is arduous task, for the school since it is a complex phenomenon, with innumerable determinative causes and diverse forms of manifestation, however I believe that it is possible and viable its combat from the experience of the human rights for the professors. This axiom does not disrespect that the formal pertaining to school education is only one of the half ones to dismantle this faceta that cause serious damages psychic, physical, social and moral the health of the students. The Federal Constitution of 1988 (BRAZIL, 1988) establishes, in article 227: It is to have of the family, the society and the State to assure to the child and the adolescent, with absolute priority, the right to the life, the health, the feeding (…) to the dignity, the respect, the freedom (.) beyond placing I save them it of all form of recklessness, discrimination, exploration, violence, cruelty and oppression.