At the end of which brings more often.” And Florian Henle added: the Germans, it is important that the actions are easily achievable and restrict not the own life style. “Switching to green electricity is done, for example, in just a few minutes and has a lasting influence on environment and climate listen whether while working at the computer, with the music or the cooking.” This confirms also the study of the Federal Environment Ministry “Environmental awareness in Germany in 2012”. Although the main tasks include our time climate and environmental protection for the great majority of Germans, they do with energy-saving measures increasingly difficult. 2010 83 Percent of the respondents shut down unneeded equipment, 2012 only 74 percent still did. Also, the percentage of buyers of energy-efficient appliances fell from 65 percent to 52 percent.

However, increased the proportion of green electricity customers by 8 percent in 2010 to 20 per cent in 2012. Polaris green electricity: once selected, has twice the CO2 increase in the atmosphere prevents ultimately only worldwide, therein are Climate experts agree. Especially the increasing industrialization and the improved living conditions in the developing countries and emerging economies increasingly heat up the atmosphere. Therefore, independent green energy company Polaris as first supplier in Germany for each customer promotes the global energy transition. In addition to the construction of new eco power plants in this country helps in building their own micro biogas plant Polarstern for each customer each year of a family in a developing country such as Cambodia. Thats an important impetus to advance the energy transition spot”, says Florian Henle. The system provides sufficient energy companies with the manure of cattle two or four pigs to operate a gas stove and a gas lamp. In addition, the residue of biogas production are used as fertiliser for the fields. Family Rin, one of the families supported by Polaris, tells that she increased their vegetables so in this way, so that its investment in the plant will have paid off in two years.