The perfect-fitting work clothing tailored by Gewandmeisterei Wagoner Wagoner of the Gewandmeisterei can look back on a 20-year history. At this time the clientele has spread further and many lawyers would no longer now forgo the high quality robes of this operation. One of the most important aspects is a high wearing comfort. This ensures, for example, the high folds. But also the adjustable sleeve and the lining that extends to the waist, providing even more ease. Lawyers not sacrificing the elegance of necessary anyway. So federal judges robes and patent attorney robes carry even better meet the personal demands, customers can personalize their robes. Base fabric, trim fabric or lining: any lawyer can choose what substances for him may be processed.

Also allergy-free materials are offered. Lawyers who even more special like it, can opt for a custom-made. Then the robe will be according to the individual made in the in-house Studio. Also dedications are possible. In this case, the logo is stitched lovingly on the robe.

This creates an optical unit with the card or the logo of the firm. The Gewandmeisterei Wagoner looks forward to all special requests and quickly transforms it into action. Massenabfertigungen, as is common in large industrial plants, avoids deliberately. Here, emphasis is placed on quality and individuality. Therefore, all materials are sourced from German companies. And of course also in the lovingly-run Studio in Germany are processed. In addition to a high quality, the Gewandmeisterei Wagoner this can create for Germany also workers in Germany. Lawyers must not forego the fashionable progress of course. Because each lawyer robe can be ordered easily around the clock in the robes shop.