The practice of foot-fit informs his patients are particularly used after a long and cold winter feet. Rough, dry skin, cornea and informal toenails hiding in closed shoes and shy away from the sunlight. When the mercury rises again, but wants to show his feet in summer-friendly fashionable sandals or go barefoot on the beach. This may be uncomfortable with unkempt feet ever. In his practice of foot care foot-fit in bad Westernkotten has Dieter Guliczuk daily with such problems to do and know what to do.

To prevent the formation of calluses, recommend regular foot baths, foot Scrubs and special skin care creams that will reduce the corneal growth. Cornea but already exists, which can be very painful especially on the ball of the foot, the tired feet are first treated with a peeling, then bathed. This is the best preparation for the additional care steps. Are softened skin and nails, can be removed skin and nails trimmed. Should formed blisters or inflammation under the cornea and be visible, it is advisable to take professional foot care claim, injury, and to avoid infections. It is important when nail cutting, to avoid corners and edges or to complete it with a file for the nails in the nail bed to grow up.

Generally, no scissors should be used for the trimming of nails. A nail pliers is much better suited as toenails often splinter. If you have more time and patience, the nails with a glass file can be filed. This is the most gentle, but also most time-intensive method. However, you should take enough time for foot care as a wellness program and thoroughly enjoy. Because the feet are littered with nerve acupressure points, so that a foot treatment means relaxation for the whole body. For an appealing summer styling of the feet the painting follows after relaxing treatment. With the freshly painted and You can show up then gently clean feet without shyness in sandals or even without shoes the Sun. Keep the toe nails but also in the unpainted State strong and beautiful, one should use a colorless cured base coat before applying the paint coating. This is then also useful if red lacquer to be used, there is often not completely nails to remove this and caused such discoloration. Nails with natural stains can be treated with special lightening paints. To achieve optimal color results when painting, you should apply the paint in two layers. This should be but thin and the first layer must be dry and be cured, before the second follows, so that it is not damaged. Dieter Guliczek performs treatments of various foot problems foot-fit in his practice. In addition, he prepared the feet of its customers with comprehensive treatments on the summer and offers massages, wellness and relaxation.