The Grec Festival of Barcelona is the main event of theatre of the city of Barcelona, but you can also see dance, music and circus. This year it celebrates 35 years, so you can brag of having a long tradition. Today El Grec is the main cultural attraction of Barcelona’s summer, but also, thanks to the reputation that has achieved year after year, is a reference in the European calendar of festivals. Where does your name come from? Its name is due to the main space of the Festival, the place in which are invariably organized the inaugural session: Teatre Grec de Montjuic, a theater built for the Universal exhibition of 1929 outdoors. Grec is promoted by the Barcelona City Council, but today many entrepreneurs and promoters private city, who largely organise shows and assume the tasks of production, are also involved. This Festival is funded, primarily, with public funds, contributions from the sponsors and the sale of entries. After thirty-five years of history, the Grec Festival of Barcelona has become the first producer of shows in Catalonia.

Whats your goal? It has a double purpose: on the one hand, to support local production and show some of the best creations of Catalan groups and artists, and, for another, become an open window to the world showing the most interesting proposals coming from different countries from the city. Indeed, currently the Festival is the main Barcelona showcase of shows produced abroad. Since 2009, the Grec Festival of Barcelona works together with the Avignon Festival, the Festival of Athens – Epidaurus and the Festival International Istanbul Theatre, which forms the Kadmos network. This network aims to Exchange work experiences, organize joint production and dissemination of artists and entertainment projects and integrate common political and social reflections in the Mediterranean area. If you visit the area of Girona, rent an apartment in the Costa Brava, where in summer is full of cultural events such as concerts by the Cap Roig. Wajdi Mouawad: the highlight of this year was born in Lebanon 43 years ago, associate artist at the 2009 Avignon festival, where he presented the tetralogy promises blood, returns with a new project that promises.

It’s a job that is divided into three phases (is planned that it will last until 2015) and that is to represent the seven works of Sophocles that have been preserved intact grouped by themes: Des femmes (of women), Des heros (Heroes) and Des mourants (Moribundos). Barcelona has been the chosen city equip the first three plays, which gathers in Des femmes Antigone, Electra and women of trachis. Place of release: the Grecde festival this year between 28 and 30 June. If you want more information, you can get close to the Palau de la Virreina (Rambla, 99) from Monday to Sunday, from 10 to 20.