Nowadays there are a variety of styles. What is style? Style is a set of attributes that characterize the art of time, direction, or individual manner hudozhka. The most popular styles in the kitchen is "Classic", "Modern", "Country" and "High Tech". Consider each of the styles more "Classics": It is always relevant at all times! The rich texture of natural wood, beech, walnut and oak. Various carving frizirovka on facades, in the upper cabinets are often used stained glass windows. All this creates an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility of the past, even regal, vremeni.Tsveta: Prevalence of the dark "chocolate" colors, but if you like bright tone, excellent air and will look at the performance of Classics "milk" and "ivory" color. "modern" style: style of architecture and furniture of the 20th century. It was first founded in Germany in the "School of Architecture of Bacchus." In kitchen fronts used: MDF covered with enamel, MDF covered with plastic, MDF framework (and the color variety is almost no boundaries, among other possible options sochetal any color of your choice).

Moreover, these coatings very reliable, they do not fade, does not warp, resistant to damage, easy to clean. It also dominates a lot of light and color. Often okruglyk form. style "Country": Country Style, or another, "Village style." Many people are tired of modern hustle and bustle of big cities, sometimes wants to plunge into something warm and the smell of mown native hay and wood doma.Tsveta mostly bright, warm and natural. Veen rustic motif, includes interior different patterns, lace, ornament. style of "High Tech": In English it sounds like "High Tech" style originated in Britain in the 70s last veka.Hay-Tech is a bold, defiantly. The bright, flashy colors For example, red, black, and combinations thereof. Also can be used various metal inserts, glass. This radical design! Sometimes imagination overturning, glamor and style.