Tanks drive up as crazy leisure idea black smoke rises in the Brandenburg field. In addition loud Thunder. Russian infantry fighting vehicle of the markische Heide Scrabble with rattling chains. What at first looks like a maneuver is in reality a leisure idea of the unusual kind. Because no tank commander is sitting at the wheel. The green-painted tanks are controlled by adventure tourists.

A crazy idea: Hand chatting a childhood dream: especially boys hope to control a such steel colossus himself and to gain experience, to be elevated above the area. But this must remain a childhood dream, although many only a remnant of the NVA from GDR know infantry fighting vehicle. Connect these monsters, where soldiers sat. In contrast to do this by hand in a tank to roll down everything in a site, what comes in your way and to feel himself as a hero of iron as well as chains go, – this is seriously something unusual. The armored school makes it possible! Group bookings up to one hundred people are possible, because a large number of tanks available. Such a tracked vehicle trip brings together and is a unique experience, and is offered in addition to operating feasts for customer events, team-building events and other celebrations. Where is driving armoured recovery vehicle possible? The armored personnel carrier route is located 60 km east of Berlin in Steinhofel at Furstenwalde.

Use devices are the heavy T55-Bergunskettenfahrzeug and the nimble armored personnel carrier BMP. And how does it work? Of course, there is a safety instruction at the beginning that tracked vehicles require a particularly careful handling. In the armored personnel carrier itself you will be informed about knobs, buttons and levers, to run correctly. Up to 60 km/h creates such “iron pig” then at full speed in the terrain. With including are double rocker, tank ditches and steep slopes, providing just the right fun. After successful tank ride There is even a ticket as a souvenir – symbolically, of course. Who can join? Persons from the age of sixteen can enjoy the fun of armoured car driving. Small fans from six years may find the Vergnugenals rider on his own body. Old cars rolling down who will find the exciting journey in the T-55 and BMP still too dull, can overwhelm a junked car at extra charge and break down into its individual parts. In this way, every hobby pilot experienced the desired thrill. Special gift ideas: drive a tank as a value ticket be surprised if for example a bridal couple, children, or the better half with a memorable gift vouchers for a unique trip with the battle tanks are available: partner voucher Combi coupon, etc. Passengers can even spontaneously with go for ten euros per person. The tank driving school for stag and Hen Parties, Valentine’s day or as spontaneous gifts is also outstanding. The own journey can be taken here as DVD with home. Orders can be made online at tank ride buchen.html possible or by telephone under the number 0176 2499 8612. Of course can be viewed before a detailed brochure or even a video up with Oliver Pocher, who visited the tank school in 2005. In addition to Oliver Pocher already Galileo turned extreme on the subject of “James Bond myths” on the tank slopes in Steinhofel. There is more information under Tanja Buchner, panzerschule.