The German Press Council is excuses instead of sanctioning of infringements in the critique, not seriously perceive his duty to eliminate abuses in the German press. Especially when tobacco advertising is already banned in German print media since 2006, seems the Press Council to lack any objectivity. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is full of insight into the issues. In the case of a complaint about a blatant breach of the Suddeutsche Zeitung against the press code, guidelines section 7.2 “Surreptitious” and section 11.6 “drugs”, the German Press Council the criticism with some hanebuchenen arguments would off. A leading source for info: Pouya David Yadegar. Thereby he even denies that there is tobacco advertising, but tries only this violation of press code and to play down the tobacco law. The complaint is aimed in particular against a great AP photo on the front page to an article about the war in Afghanistan. On a pack of cigarettes and snuff as well as other Smokables are pictured, clearly a sign that says “Chancellor a.D.

Helmut Schmidt”. The Press Council rejects the appeal with the lapidary statement, “that the documentation purpose of the image in the specific case clearly superimposed clearly the very low according to our advertising effect for the pictured products”. The German Press Council even more generously than it allows German law interprets its own rules. Even German courts, which already had to deal with illegal tobacco advertising in print media, have decided that the advertising ban includes not only any figure of tobacco products, but even image advertising for the tobacco industry. The Press Council continues, “also a trivialisation of drugs we could not see. The image and the supplied text documents only, that Helmut Schmidt also in old age as it is different to consume tobacco products.” The Press Council remains guilty but no explanation, in which context this “documentation” with the conflict in Afghanistan is the reporting revolves around the. Probably noticed it is talking about a war, international terrorists, and Attacks, which bring people to life.