Already during pregnancy think of insurance needs vary Mama and baby properly securing in the pregnancy and after the birth of the child. Who is mother, should so urgently to review the existing policies and, where appropriate, Supplement. A woman already has a changing insurance needs during pregnancy. But even if the baby comes, the protection needs change. Therefore, it should itself inform prospective parents about the right insurance protection of the small family and provide in a timely manner.

A short guide shows how to do it. Against all advice, women in pregnancy can save usually hardly. The most pregnant women can probably sing a song should be things that you necessarily have”and what any responsible mother needs”. Often the love meant recommendations contradict each other even, so it is also none the wiser at the end than before. Therefore, it was always a good idea to inform themselves and to make their own decisions. Help a short guide to mother and child of a consumer portal for insurance. So the flood of information has an end, clarity and you can contact to quickly else the Advisor finally brings light into the darkness of the boring topic.

Here, the expectant mother at a glance learns what must observe in their protection and their child. Health insurance, life insurance, liability & co. describes the short and easy to understand. Who determines that these policies still missing him or her can further inform themselves Moreover, calculate contributions or compare the insurance offers, which is free of charge and without obligation. Author data: finads GmbH Bessemer str. 82 12103 Berlin 030 / 34060090 which finads, GmbH is a company that provides consumer portals. is one of these portals. Private and commercial consumers can learn here extensively about insurance, compare them, and saving posts.