When in the period of harvests, many pupils leave to work, and in many lost lessons They finish giving up. The education of this layer of the population represents a form of social inclusion. In case that contrary, the city will be denying the possibility of a worthy life and better days for the related classroom. in this, a great number depessoas that they had been and they are victims of the failure pertaining to school, that composes modality EJA, beyond that nor they return to the school. The proposals for an education of inclusive quality and are seen in the PCNs (2001, P. 13), that it imposes the necessity of investimentosem different fronts, as the initial and continued formation of professors, one politics of worthy wages, a career plan, quality of the didactic book, resources and multimedia, the availability of didactic materials. A problem that affects the future of youth, producing exclusion socialreside in the fact not to exist qualification courses technician-professional in Good Garden.

Average education is not formation, is escolaridade level. Only courses exist that they form for the education. the too much social areas? Nor all want to be professor. An saying very known of all: ' ' It does not give fish to the man, teaches it to fish it ' '. To teach the people to fish in would fish of the life and the market of work? it is to prepare it, it is to educate it, and to characterize it for this day of the requirement of the life and the market of work. Wage question (he is one of the biggest reasons); The partisan politics, that boicotaa citizenship and the option freedom, that generates pressure on the part of that they do not know to differentiate partisan politics of public politics – where the eleitoreira promise of job makes to fire good professionals on behalf of ' ' acordo' ' closed for the vote. The exit, as already not deliberate will of managers happens in many cities for pressure of justice and, is the accomplishment of public competitions.