With a very interesting and diversified product, Panama has been protected under the Panama motto, remains in you. This catchphrase quickly demonstrates to the client who the experience to live in Panama never will be forgotten and always it will comprise of the memories of the person. Panama has seen beneficiary by its mixture between city and nature and in addition has been worth of famous personages to attract the tourism. Nicaragua This beautiful country is tourist development in the heat of and supposes a competing potential for the zone. Nicaragua chose a catchphrase short and easy to remember, but that he is easily associable with the country; Nicaragua, unique. original. This motto is identified with the combination between nature, culture and traditions that still Nicaragua offers.

Its smaller operation has caused than many traditions have stayed, besides offering numerous artistic exponents between which it emphasizes the beautiful colonial city of Granada, which truly they make of Nicaragua a unique and original destiny. Honduras Everything is here, the Honduran catchphrase speech by itself. Honduras has wanted to transmit a easy message and that it indicates the people who the country has all the necessary one to guarantee the satisfaction of the tourist. Honduras has operated very well its tourist product, knowing to combine its beautiful beaches, ebullient nature and by all means its Mayan inheritance. The Honduran Rep it is the island of Roatn, which besides owning paradisiac beaches, was an important enclave for pirates and the last redoubt of African slaves, being a true wonder for the visitor. Guatemala This country cradles of one of the richer mesoamericanas cultures of history, could not choose a catchphrase that represents better its identity; Adventure in the Mayan world. This interesting country reunites artistic wonders of the Mayan world, represented by its maximum Tikal exponent (greater city of the old Mayan empire) and of the Spanish colonial time, represented by the city of Granada; one of the colonial cities better preserved of Latin America.