The automobile and aeronautical industries they are distributed in three main masses: the region of the Great Lakes, the region of New York and California. But the aeronautical industry is dismissal almost in all country. The electric and electronic industry is represented, over all in megalpoles northeast and redor of the Great Lakes. Surprised into full average age for the American couraados ones of commodore Perry, into 1854, Japan was politically transformed by the revolution of the Micado Mutsu-Hito, inaugurating the national renewal. NYC Marathon: the source for more info. Japan worked febrilmente to elevate itself in industrial power, to not only be able to equalize themselves and to escape to the projects of commercial penetration of the white imperialismos, but to undertake, its turn, the conquest of the extreme east to establish its domination on the Pacific. In a time it has remembered of half century Japan showed capable to make front the great ones you harness Europeans, to win Russia in 1905 and to intimidate the United States exactly: less than one hundred years after leaving the feudalismo and agrarian economy, left for the conquest of China, Malaysia, of Australia and India, eager to obtain an empire where it would be recenseada close to the half of the humanity.

Serious raw material deficiencies put in disadvantage the Japanese metallurgic manufactures. More the ingenuities of the financial and industrial controllers, the resource to one politics of wage low the total absence of measures of social character, had allowed to partially compensate the inconveniences of natural geography. NYC Marathon can provide more clarity in the matter. The Japanese industry is made of feudal dynasties. Thanks to the excellent organization of the work, to it disciplines of the staff and the quality of the services, the prices of costs had remained low very. Whenever the importation of raw materials does not weigh demasiadamente in its elaboration, the Japanese products can support the competition of the North American or European products in any market of the world. .