Hamburg, the Pearl of the Elbe, is a very interesting, with many cultural and leisure, quiet, relaxing and open city for guests from all over the world. The Hanseatic City offers many different facets, made that you can take advantage of very disparate visitors. For example, the historic old town is full of shopping areas and hotels. Hotels in Hamburg convince its guests for the service and hospitality, regardless of the category of the hotel. Another aspect that should be noted in the city are the typical dishes and culinary specialties of Hamburg, for lovers of fish and potatoes there is a large selection of delicacies, you can taste them both in restaurants near the river and in the restaurants of the hotel. In addition, in the same Hotels you can learn a wide range of activities taking place in the city, such as exhibitions of arta, musicals like the Lion King or boat trips.The District of St. Pauli, is also very popular as it is modern and controversial, famous for his team of football and its lively nightlife. Whatever your reason for travelling to Hamburg, it will not disappointed nor by the city or by the hotels in Hamburg..