1980-2010 Munich rocker go year in her 30stes! The Continentals are a German rock ‘ n’ roll band, their music and sound in the styles rock ‘ n’ roll, Rockabilly, surf, blues, and country rock is rooted. In the January 1980 in Ottobrunn near Munich group founded in one of the German Neo Rockabilly Bands and rock ‘ n’ roll revival bands of the early 1980s. The Continentals have released eight albums and occur nationally and internationally live until today. Everything started in the catacombs of ultra-high-power Bahn. Mike Roth, Peter Seybold, Tibor Takacs, and Robby King all members of both Bands Mick rock & the shakers and blue moon did yet in school-aged together and formed their new group. The Continentals played their first gigs in leisure homes, at parties and with special permission of the youth welfare office in the music clubs of Munich’s Schwabinger. Over the years, concerts and tours in Germany, France, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Russia, Austria was followed by Switzerland, Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Studio recordings, radio recordings, various appearances on television were added, the participation in cinema and television films and tours as a backing band for US stars such as Frankie Ford, Wanda Jackson, Vince Everett, buddy Knox. Despite varying influences and numerous changes, the band remained true to her style. Singer and founding member Mike Roth describes it as follows: we follow any fashion and not mainstream. We do what we do whether or not we are just told”. Currently, the Continentals are working in the Studio with the production of their new and ninth album that will be released later this year. Another project, recording a new Christmas album will begin in summer, which will realize the band together with the Austrian gold-artist Ty tender.

Held the previous birthday parties of continental in the Munich Tavern in the slaughterhouse, so the band celebrates its anniversary this year from attachment to its birthplace in the framework of an open air Concert in the beer garden of Ritzer’s restaurant in Taufkirchen/Ottobrunn. In addition to former members, influencers, patrons, friends and fans, even musical surprise guests are expected. In bad weather, the event is moved inwards. The Continentals 30th anniversary concert Saturday, July 31, 2010 Ritzer’s restaurant & bar Ludwig-Bolkow-Allee 1 82024 Taufkirchen/Ottobrunn (in the EADS Sportplatz) phone (089) 24295291 inlet: 19:00, start: 20:00 tickets are available at the price of 10,-at the box office. The Continentals in the Bavarian television on Monday, May 24, 2010 will be at the German steam locomotive Museum Neuenmarkt the broadcast go railway anniversary recorded.