Businessman Igor Kalashnikov at his own expense to paint the military equipment businessman called the editorial "Newspapers …" read article "Swastika will paint the Victory Day" in its issue dated December 7, which told how the vandals outraged military equipment, exhibited a diorama "Battle of the Dnieper." Hooligans on the turret of a tank painted a swastika and the legendary "Katyusha" scribbled obscene words. Employees of the Historical Museum promised paint signs for May 9. – This is outrageous, why wait until spring – the strongest voice said Kalashnikov – Learn how to paint, I'm ready to buy it for the money, and even by dye techniques. Igor Kalashnikov is often on Cases in European Union countries. He says that if his Western partners have learned how to relate to the monuments of the Dnepropetrovsk war, he would burn with shame for his hometown. "Gazeta po-Dnepr ' 17 December 21, 2006 But the most offensive that had konrolirovat painting … A red star and not painted, but what about the identity of military equipment to the army defeated fascism.

Young people do not know the history and therefore draws the fascist German crosses on the monuments. And adults are distressed … Director of the Historical Museum has more education, and this 'uneducated' suits the city of power! And this attitude to the younger generation everywhere, from kindergartens to universities. The latter, however, awarded academic status. But by changing the name did not change the essence of the institution in the absence of the teaching staff, who just died out..