Car rental bookings are cars according to holiday in this autumn on the safe side if you book his car for the autumn holiday now in the travel agency or on the Internet, protects from overpriced prices and unavailability to the resort of Merenschwand, August 12, 2009 the recession does not stop even before the international tourism and reaches the car rental companies as a result. Now many car dealers are no longer willing to conclude buy-back contracts with the landlords, and in turn the car rental company car rental fleet have drastically. Thus the car distributors attempting to minimize the increased risk of the resale and the concomitant loss of value. As a result, In many popular European destinations such as Spain, Portugal holiday cars now are in short supply or are offered at higher prices. Holiday advises cars therefore to book the car for the autumn holiday now in the travel agency or on the Internet, to save yourself possible disappointments at the destination. The supposedly most beautiful weeks of the year school already this spring for many holiday makers as unexpected annoyance. Take place as planned on the resort to renting a cheap car and in the adventure to overthrow holiday, they experienced a bitter disappointment.

Especially in popular regions such as Spain, Portugal and Italy, the available rental cars were scarce or even completely out of print. Many tourists had to attack deep in the Pocket, to ever to snag one of the rare car rentals. To minimize the financial risk, many car rental companies in Spain, Portugal and Italy were forced to reduce their fleets. Now, above all the tourists who want to spend their holidays in popular holiday destinations such as Alicante, Malaga and Murcia have left. During the Easter and may holidays, it was almost impossible to buy a cheap car rental in many places. The stations of car rental companies there was a yawning emptiness or a fully inflated price-to-performance ratio. URS Jackli, Managing Director of Holiday Cars Switzerland advises thus: his car as a precaution already in the travel agency or on the Internet who wants to save this strain in the autumn holidays, book. Who is been benefited from favourable broker tariffs, absolute cost control and also increases the chance of driving his car at the resort.” Palermo and car rental Los Angeles, car rental New York, car rental Porto, car rental Alicante car rental worldwide learn more about car rental on.