When and where you can make holiday with your dog in France, is highly dependent on the season and the experiences that you do as a dog owner in France are regionally and seasonally very different region.In the summer with a water crazy dog like Labrador or retriever on the Cote d’Azur, is probably very much more difficult than for example with a Yorkshire Terrier. The summer months are typically very hot Mediterranean coast and beaches of full of international tourists, as it is with a large dog nearly impossible on the beach to go. Therefore the coast of Languedoc and Cote are d’Azur rather in the spring or the fall. There are some dog beaches in the Mediterranean, which are usually very small and on top of that very unkempt. The Atlantic coast of France such as Normandy, Brittany, Aquitaine or Poitou-Charente is therefore more suitable for water lovers and enterprising in the dogs. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of good weather, but secluded and almost deserted endless beaches to walk there may be, Compensate for cultural attractions, beautiful and original landscapes, as well as holiday apartments at an affordable price swimming and Spielen.Viele but in all respects for the missing Sun guarantee. Here are the French still among themselves and the French hospitality comes with dog also holidaymakers to good. Also: who’s to say that the Sun is not shining.And less heat is already relaxing for man and dog.

Hiking and adventure it attracts but also often in Alsace or the varied landscapes of the River Central France. There, dogs are not a problem in most accommodations such as hotels, campsites or holiday homes by appointment. However it is also here that a smaller dog has better chances than a large. Please ask for details when selecting and booking accommodation before! Who wants to culture, finds an extra fenced garden of dog, increasingly in the input / cashier often with small lawn, where the dog can stay for a while. See more detailed opinions by reading what Danny Meyer offers on the topic.. Especially in smaller museums you will be prompted again the Taking dog easy with it. Entry requirements: Dogs must be chipped and have a valid rabies vaccination in the EU pet passport.

The entry for dogs of category 1 is absolutely prohibited and punishable: category 1: all dogs that their morphological features according to the breed dog Staffordshire Terrier, American Staffordshire, Mastiff or Tosa are comparable without stud book approved by the international dog Association (www.fci.be) (Embassy of France) category 2: dogs of the above breeds belong are permitted to enter if they are registered in a stud book approved by the FCI. Rottweiler also belong to the second category. You need no album, however, there is linen and muzzle obligation. Dobermann and German Doge should wear a muzzle. Who is not sure whether his dog of one of these categories to associate, should take no chances and advance at the Agriculture Department of the franz himself.