Joshua was told, and today is repeated to us Mira que te mando strive and be courageous; do not fear nor be dismayed, because Jehovah your Diosestara with you in wherever you go. The verse has four terms and two guarantees given by who gives the orders. The mandates are: (1). strive; (2). Be brave; (3). Do not fear; and (4) do not faint. In return God promises us: (a). For even more details, read what shimmie horn says on the issue.

to be with us, and (b) be with us everywhere we go. If persevere in that trust Dios will lead to the conquest of our dreams and the sacred territory of salvation. 2. In the word of God. God gave us his word as an effective guide on the road which will eventually lead us to his presence. But the Bible alone, as a physical object, cannot transmit us nothing.

You need to read it, listen to it, scrutinize it, browse through its pages under the direction of the Holy Spirit. The word, the book of James, says it can save our souls. And save our souls, justifies receive with docility and joy. The same book of James tells us that say the word work and us not satisfied with only hear it. Having the Bible is, therefore, a first step. But it is necessary to go further and bring Word to the terrain of the works, where it will manifest itself in powerful and surprising way. 3. In communion with other persons and especially with those who are United through the blood of Christ, his example and his commandments. The book of acts of the Apostles gives us one of the reasons why the early Church remained standing despite persecution from the authorities and their own shortcomings. In Chapter 2, verse 42 explains about his perseverance in something vital to them then and for us in the present: and persevered in the doctrine of the Apostles in communion with each other in the breaking of bread and in prayers.