For your documents (4.Teil) security not reaching unlimited security, by building fences, one gains security by opening doors.” U.Kekkonen, Finn. Politician the solution: information rights management giving you all people all documents, but you determine what who, how, when and that no matter where the document is located. 4. How is the information protected? (How) Functions of the IRM simply using an IRM system the protected information is encrypted and provided with special access rights. This access rights on the information management is even centrally managed regardless of the information.

The IRM systems with a variety of functions and features to protect of information are equipped for this purpose. Through the separation of information and right of access and the centralized management of these access rights, it is for example possible to allow people to use. Even granted rights can be later modified or even completely withdrawn must be even available without the access to the information. The granting of rights is possible depending on the IRM system in different shades. Access to information as already mentioned centrally manage and also checked.

Thus, the access information can be stored and created reports on demand. These reports log the full path from online and offline access to the documents, so that use can be detected consistently. Benefits of IRM systems if staff, for example, opt out of the company, are rights can be centralized, modified or repealed, even if the employee has stored the sealed data on external data carriers outside of the corporate limits. Dokumentenmanagement-System-(DMS)-Funktionen, such as the records management (systematic recording of business transactions and results) and version management, can be extended to areas outside of the DMS. For example can be ensured by information rights management, that Employees with the current versions. While it is possible to set that employees who use a locally saved document, are automatically redirected to the current version some IRM products.