For several months I have been working on a strategic business model to run a business online from start to financial freedom, that you expose is a collection of more than seven months of research and application, and let me tell you that Results are beginning to see, so I want to share these points with the desire to make them reflect on the decision to start a business. That involves taking a business from idea to financial freedom and overall business where you no longer need to keep growing? There are several steps involved in bringing a business online from the idea all the way to freedom, not only financially if not total freedom, where the business no more dependent on you and do not need to be more present in the business. These steps are not taken into account by most employers either because they have forgotten, not someone who has been ordered and put in a plan so clear for execution, or lack of knowledge. These ten steps have been tested and have allowed many Empire Distinguish between an opportunity and a distraction. A good entrepreneur can see opportunities everywhere, but the right opportunity that will grow your business in a dynamic is very different to any opportunity or any business idea. You need to be able to say what a good opportunity for you. Knowing the vital areas that are crucial to build a high-growth business. The critical elements to crystallize a product in a market where the opportunity lies in the grand scheme of business. .