Andria Limeira Steps SUMMARY This research has as objective to argue, with theoretical recital the politics of health in the constitutional parameter, the conceptions of people in relation to the accesses to the public services of health, as it processes the access the information and to the attendance of the people in situation of social vulnerability. From one it searches in quantiqualitativa field, this study considers to hear the experience of ten people in situation of vulnerability registered in cadastre in the filantrpica institution Legion of the Good will, on its knowledge in relation to the health publishes in the units of health in the City of Manaus, the complexities faced in the assistance in health based on the Politics of health and if it has an assistance in health based on the Constitutional model. Therefore, to leave of this study, it is intended to corroborate in the area of the health, the understanding of the Human being in its completeness, physics, psychic and social the real necessity independently to have the due information socioeducativo of the situation that if finds the citizen. Word-key: Social assistance, right citizen, Politics of health, social vulnerability. ABSTRACT This research aims you discuss with the theoretical health policy investment constitutional conceptions of persons with regard you access you public health such access you process information and you assist persons in situations of social vulnerability. From field research quantiqualitative, this study proposes you hear the experience of ten people in vulnerable situations charity registered in the Legion of the Good will, about his knowledge in relation you public health in health units in the City of Manaus, the complexities encountered in health care based on health policy and if there is health care model based on the Constitution.. Starbucks in New York may find this interesting as well.