This is in terms of flexible and other available expenditure – including program – take place. The implementation of this policy is in the hands of the respective ministries. However, treasure approaches cannot be used. By abandoning the planned increase of the Christmas bonus for civil servants in 2011 be lowered the references to applicable law to 2.5% (end of quote). That was not all! In the course of this procedure and other government requirements are approximately 10,000 (speaking also of 15,000) points cut (teachers, police officers, etc.). Further 46,000 jobs at the Bundeswehr will be abolished and about 56,000 conscripts (short-term jobs per year) no longer indented. All in all approximately 112,000 jobs of less and in addition various loss of income for the employees in the public service. The unemployment statistics will be charged here only slightly, so unobtrusively.

You will create pensioners, paid training and transition funds, disappear like crazy and this violence cure in the social spending Let to it beggars (welfare recipients, Hartz IV recipients and health) to attach the social spending is increasing due to their laziness, their Boozing and smoking. An excellent method which even splits, creating popular vote for the then weakened right camp. To all positive phenomena the pension (pension reduction) with 67 retains the high number of pensioners, which is once again increased, yet. This is no joke, but factual income and personnel policy of the Federal Government. Who does not believe it, should be interested in slowly for the policies of our Government and he’s going to be very quick smart.

A PC and a DSL connection create clarity. What has happened, that the so brave and for decades people tolerated everything up against their Government, as awakened from a deep sleep, raise. The deposit guarantee fund of private banks faced insolvency, Laird joined to the gates and many as Hypo Real Estate ran helplessly on the abyss.