“Hand Made with love in Germany” is the Astrovoxcad the first horoscope greeting card with personal zodiac sign the Astrovox Publishing House is a start up company based in Schwabach, Germany which focuses on greeting cards as a Publisher producing high-quality, astrological art print which you can order in the individual sign of Jubiljara. Our products unique on the market called “Astrovoxcard” and are samtlichst with genuine Swarovski stones in addition to highly emotional images (approx. 15 pieces per motif). The special feature of our new product is that Astrovoxcards can be ordered with the individual sign of Jubiljara. The constellation is then glued with real Svarovski stones directly on the starry sky and replaced the already printed on Silver Star there. Astrovoxcards produces offset un in highest quality in Germany in the 7farb in a sheltered workshop of hand eredelt.

Currently entering the market we 6 different motives offered, 3 motifs with individually selectable constellation and 3 without, a total of 39 different (3 x 12 different designs with Zodiac + 3 motifs without sign). Cost-conscious product line the Astrovox Publisher offers all subjects without finishing with Swarovski stones at a significantly lower price. We expressly point out, that the zodiac sign which each will be shown (random) in the pictures of the plant only is an example.