As a flower, if you to attack uninterruptedly it will survive as hurts and wounds or will die, of the plants that have thorns, you have already them for precaution you are for not being apanhada or being mistreated. All we have thorns, similar of that let us not leave that they make with us what they want, are anger or behavior thorns. As history already taught in them, with example the Iluminista Revolution, to give weapons at the hands of who suffered and without preparation none (psychological) is to set a civil war against that they are against. To swim against the rapids has not the same appreciated flow that to follow with it, but we are speaking of a full way of rocks twigs, grammatical speaking. The illicit traffic of drugs, today problem world-wide partner, rendering unhappy families and lives, does not kill more than what the fight for this currency today that it generates Billions of dollar. The amount of people who die for the use of drugs is very lesser of what the people who die for the traffic.

Liberating the sales of these drugs the easiness of if finding would be more easy, thus falling the price and increasing the consumption, obvious! But nothing as one it has adjusted in the price, collection of taxes, that is, sales regularized for the government stipulating efficient laboratories for the production. A new chain of jobs would generate this production, and the money expense with the combat of the narcotics traffickers would fall the zero. Estariamos taking off the substance cousin who finances terrorist groups that dominate our country. At the same time that the invested money to fight the traffic, either invested for whitewashing of users, with efficient centers and efficient remedies for ' ' limpar' ' the respective ones. To invest in more efficient propagandas, lectures thus to prevent that people enter in this world that regride the capacity to only evolve. The necessary society to be joined, to help who needs, to prevent that it happens and to recoup high the esteem of all and not to continue propagating an advertising of fierce dogs against people who only know this world.

Nor always the communication lack happens because a behavior standard was broken, but because the times the standards do not cover all the possible situations. ' ' The great quality of the species human being was to breach with its proper limitations: A fragile animal, provided with insignificant physical force, dominated all the nature and if it transformed into most frightful of the predators. Without wing it dominated airs; without proper gills or membranes it dominated the seas. Everything this because it differs from the other animals for being the only one that it possesss culture. But that it is culture? ' '