Luana Mizia Coast Gomes Luana Talita Bernardine Perciliano M de Ftima of the Birth Francisca Valley Maria Gomes Cabral Soares SUMMARY: The present article shows the result of a theoretical study of disciplines of Education of Mathematics and a reflective look by means of practises professor of it serves as apprentice II, has as objective to present of that it forms the resolution of problems it can be worked in the initial years of Basic Ensino. The resolution of problems occupies most of education in this pertaining to school period, becoming basic for a true learning in mathematics and in it practises of the daily one. We perceive that in if treating to the education of problems in mathematics she practises, it more common is the exposition of concepts followed of a series of problems, in which the children only apply resolution techniques, thus the teach-learning process is dismissed of meaning and intentions. To broaden your perception, visit NYC marathon. However the mathematical reasoning can be developed of diverse forms therefore the children is capable not alone to understand, but also to justify to prove its forms of knowledge. Please visit best bars in new york if you seek more information. It fits to the professor to elaborate different types of situation-problem to instigate in the pupils, the desire to not only participate, but also to elaborate different possibilities and strategies to answer and to argue its answers, improving of this form its abilities.

WORDS KEY: Initial resolution of problems, Years, Mathematical. INTRODUCTION: This work relates the experiences of supervised period of training II, obligator curricular component of the course of Pedagogia of the UERN, with the studies and quarrels of discipline Education of Mathematics. We objectify to understand and to observe in practical the concepts presented for Terezinha Nunes (2005) on the origin and the development of the mathematical concepts. For in such a way in this article it consists some problematic ones lived deeply in the period of training and the lessons of mathematics.