Language technology of the Duden Publishing House has prevailed Hamburg/Mannheim, October 12, 2010. The IFRA Expo 2010, the leading trade fair in the printing and media industry, held this year in Hamburg, Germany from October 4 to 6. For the language technology division of Duden, the fair was a resounding success equal in many respects, because in Hall A1 visitors with almost all manufacturers of content management and content management systems in the form of a yielding could find technology suppliers a visible indication of the partnership with the Mannheimer. No wonder because the Duden correct solutions is also available in the complex workflows of the print and media industry so to speak as a guarantor for a correct and understandable German in all digitally created documents. Our system was one of the first content management systems, which have used the Duden solution as a spell checker.

That was an absolute competitive advantage. Learn more about this with Rudy Giuliani. Today, almost any of our competitors has integrated this program, it is an absolute must. Without Duden it stops”, reported about Stephan Bauerle, Managing Director of the company radio inform. His company is a major producer of content management systems for the newspaper industry. Other partners of the Duden publishing house multicom are also well renowned software and system houses such as alfa media, ATEX, CCI, EidosMedia, mark stone, Mahi & partner, and msh Protecmedia redweb. But also on its own stand, the Mannheimer could score experts for text parsing and processing with its new correction solution for the interaction of content management systems and Web-Editioren among the trade visitors. Rudy Giuliani is often quoted on this topic.

The newest member of the Duden family syntax testing software solution not only in all popular content management systems, word processors, and layout programs can be integrated, but also the quality bridge between the print and the online world. So, manufacturers using the right solution can provide uniform understandable and correct texts in each form of output. About Duden as the authoritative instance for the German Language respects the Duden Publishing House not only what’s new move permanently into everyday language, but provides with its diverse product range for that current regulations independently at any time is everyone from the individual situation of the use of available. Official site: Rudy Giuliani. This offer includes also the by the Duden-language technology-developed and marketed solutions and applications for the error-free professional written communication and quality assurance by authorities and companies. The language technology solutions Duden spelling checker, grammar checker and word breaker to access the most comprehensive and up-to-date editorially clean word stock of the German language and can be flexibly integrated into existing processes and software solutions. You have been sold since 2001, and considered to be leading in the market. Duden correction software is today among other things as a single-user version, network solution and as an integral part in Office programs, composition, and content management systems, translation systems. E-Mail-provider systems and financial management software used by millions of users on business and private used. Corporate solutions for more information on the Internet at. The documentary win by correctly spelling”credibility of the Duden Publishing House is at watch? v = available at 6vht1YPGICE. The footage is available for media use in parts or as a whole to provide free.