However, the publicity was a necessary element to the industrial era. Now the area code pos has been added also to the old word to constitute pospublicidad. In other words, if the publicity were as necessary as the machines for the production, now the production connects with communication and the publicity is relegated a decorative element in the offices of the companies. What the companies will try, instead of to make public which produces, it will be to extend the communication with the abierta society, in which the publicity happens to be one more a branch, because the essential will be to share according to the interests of the emitters, but with the variant of which back absolutely separated of the purchase of the product passes to be vital feed that was the answer to the publicity. To all these variants they will have to adapt that emigrate to Internet. What now it interests to us to emphasize is that when becoming the old publicity drags with her to old woman receiving means of the advertising payments. The true opposition to massive means is Internet. to pound of the communication In the communication rests good part of the globalising fact.

On her, and through her, the cultures are interconnected, it is raised as a cross section on all the aspects and in the fundamental axis of the social projection. The possibility of exercise of the modern techniques compartmentalises the hearings, in a compaction that, paradoxicalally, begins with a rupture of the homogenization and manifold is made soon to converge in which we have denominated a society of multitudes. As all study of the communication, this that has been shown, must be boarded from a multiplicity of angles starting off of the epistemic models of postmodernity that are many and varied: neocommunities, the power of the cities, multiculturalidad, identity, psychological conformation, etc, some of which already we have boarded. We must, those that we try to influence the construction of a new reality, to mount on subjects like the collective joint, the restoration of a demolished social weave and in reinforcing of solidarity and the interchange between the multiplicity of the new centers of being able citizen. The subject fundamental to study the communication of the new world is to return to the man like knowledge source. It is necessary to approach subjects like the symbolic interchange or the problems of the sense. The theory of the communication with episteme must confront different from the one from the finished era. original Author and source of the article.