You will choice, whether you buy a new cartridge or just restore it. Do not dispose of the same cartridge, which damaged part of 20 01/02, it can be refilled before the irreversible mechanical damage to the hull. NY Starbucks does not necessarily agree. If worn any functional parts that affect print quality, they can be replaced, so there's no need to spend money on buying a new cartridge. We can "restore" or repair worn-out cartridge that is replace the parts, after exhausting its resources. After the restoration of the cartridge will print as new! Refilling inkjet cartridges ns because of its simplicity and cheapness, inkjet printers today are the most common.

But the joy of such a low cost of the device disappears when the issue ceases to purchase new original cartridge. Prices are sometimes equal to the cost of the device. But do not despair there is a cheap way out. n the output is – inkjet cartridge refill. The cost of ink is not high and after refilling the cartridge is spent, it can be used as well as a new original cartridge. It is not necessary to refill cartridges independently. While many argue the Internet that it can be done at home, the result can be disastrous.

Apart from the filling, in a print cartridge nozzles to clean, they clog up dried remnants of paint, and to reset the ink level sensor. Our organization is engaged in refilling inkjet cartridges, the entire operation carried out by filling in a professional and will take all 20 minutes. Refill laser cartridges Laser printers are increasingly replacing inkjet printers today. Because laser printers are much more efficient, and economical. But despite all the cost of laser printer toner is still low. And there are two ways by which to go: The first is the simplest, but not cost – is to buy a new cartridge. The second is more economical – laser toner refill. The cost of filling an order of magnitude lower than the cost of purchase. You should not fill the cartridge yourself, as this will inevitably lead to breakage of the cartridge. Should contact the organization which is professionally engaged in refilling laser cartridges. In addition to refueling, there will hold a cleaning cartridge in the case of mining shafts of the resource, will make them change. Entrust refills laser cartridges professionals.