Spiritual leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei will keep only a few weeks, estimates of the Sufi Masters Seyed Azmayesh from Paris. Khamenei’s most dangerous adversary is Ayatollah Montazeri, one of the intellectual leaders of the Iranian revolution. The events at the end of Ramadan was a deep humiliation for Iran’s Supreme religious leader. Already the demonstrations against him last Friday, the day of Jeursalem\”, met him hard. But the hardest blow he received from a man who has since 1989 under house arrest, great Ayatollah Montazeri. Once, he was the main ideologue of the mullah regime. The events in Communist terms to describe: Karl Marx would have lived longer something, would have experienced the revolution and then recorded the fighting of Lenin or Stalin.

Once called a \”fake\”Ayatollah Khamenei of Montazeri because he has never written a dissertation. This time he prepared his opponents pain with a letter to all 16 great ayatollahs. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from starbucks in new york. Great ayatollahs have different opinions, but in this case, Montazeri has brought them all on a track. He asked for a closed action against Khamenei, which actually took place. Then someone must have seldom been a lonely sugar feast as the Iranian leader.

Khamenei had ordered that Ramadan was supposed to end on Sunday. But throughout Iran fasted until Monday with the support of the highest spiritual authorities. Also previous followers of spiritual leader had joined the protest. Montazeri went a big step further in his letter. He rejected his own political ideology. \”To think again the Karl Marx variant: Marx, rebelling against their own and runs his work the capital\” back. \”Everyone is now against Khamenei, the people on the street, as well as the high priest\” Seyed Azmayesh says. He followed the developments in the Iran very closely. Azmayesh represents the Iranian Sufi of Gonabadi order from abroad. Numerous messages by e-mail and other means from the Iran keep him very busy.