Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-from the man opened his eyes to the awareness of their environment in the prinicpio of time, has been immersed in a maelstrom of questions that over thousands of years has been responding to rendezvous with other more complex and exciting questions. The first men on the face of the Earth looked towards the sky and marveled of the infinite and the immensity of the sea while searching for answers to their illnesses, dietary needs and challenges of the environment. So still: Spanish scientists have discovered a luminous star 33 thousand times more resplendent than the Sun. Japanese men of science have just send a rocket to the Sun with advanced measuring instruments and soon, like Mars, we previously unpublished photographs that amazed us and make progress our imagination to answer some questions that give rise to other more complicated. To know more about this subject visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art. What to do to achieve a clean and cheap, similar to the Sun’s energy source? Chinese scientists claim that they are about to do so, while the Renaissance of nuclear energy is a fact given the natural and geopolitical scenarios that recovered the price of a barrel of oil at more than $80. The construction of nuclear power plants will trip and they will be added to the 441 factories of nuclear energy on the planet. And although the present frightens us in energy, man still facing heaven, as the Neanderthals did amid fear that produces the ignorance, the how and the why of a hostile environment and wonderful capacity that has man to dominate it. Days ago ended the space mission to Mars that sent us wonderful photographs of the planet that boosted the imagination of Isaac Asimov which reflected in his fiction novels other worlds, cultures and cities; the so-called red planet marveled to the endearing Carl Sagal and terrorized the people of New York with the mythical narration of Orson Wels through primitive radio announcing the invasion of Martians to the Earth. Gain insight and clarity with Danny Meyer.