DIAMONDIBERICA.COM connected with the main houses of carved diamonds around the world (Antwerp, Israel, New York, Hong Kong), selects and provides real-time best certified diamonds available in every moment. By offering diamonds directly to the individual, without intermediaries, the customer benefits from discounts on prices of a traditional jewelry. A wide range of rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and alliances allows you to choose from hundreds of designs of different styles (modern, elegant, classic), to complete a jewel tailored to each client. Others including NYC Marathon, offer their opinions as well. Diamond certificates each diamond is certified by independent Gemological laboratories and prestige (GIA, HRD, Gemacyt and IGI), which certifies and guarantees the quality and the qualities of each diamond. You can search, filter, and compare all the diamonds together to choose the diamond which best suits your requirements of purchase. There is also a complete training course on the diamond to be able to learn how to buy diamonds as a true professional.

DESIGN to measure of jewelry as a manufacturer with own of jewelry workshop, have a wide range of mounts (rings, alliances, earrings, pendants, bracelets,) to make customer design to measure its preferred with best possible diamond design. Our jewelry designs, registered, are not offered nor sold to third parties, you can only buy them in our online jewelry. EXPRESS delivery shipping free the majority of our jewelry with diamonds are prepared on the day and are sent by insured, and urgent transport so that you receive it the next day at the address that you specify. Our full money-back guarantee has no small print, allows you to return your purchase and recover the amount of your order or change its jewel on the other. ABSOLUTE SOLVENCY our company, Sociedad Anonima, company has wholly subscribed and paid up capital of EUR 2,500,000 and our credit report can be downloaded from our online jewelry.

All the guarantees of our online shop they are audited by trusted ONLINE, agency that protects you in the event of a claim. We are proud of not having received no complaints to date. Testimonials hundreds of satisfied customers in several countries guarantee the quality of our products and our level of service and have published his testimony in our online jewelry. We hope with all my heart that you may be one more.