Help offers an E-Mail archiving solution that email is today of one of the most important communication media and valuable information resource, business negotiations and statements by mail. The legal provisions are still not in any company however (E.g. from 147 AO or 257 HGB), according to which companies any email correspondence, by which a business prepared, handled, completes or is undone, completely, tamper-proof, and available at all times six to ten years are required to keep. The implementation of these requirements is responsible for the management of a company. A breach of the archiving can be traced tax, also under civil law in certain cases.

A professional email archiving solution offers a technical solution to this problem. This is a highly specialized storage system, with the large and growing volumes of data can be managed reliably. With the help of the E-Mail archive secures all existing and future emails a company so that it cannot be deleted or tampered with. A more comfortable and faster access of all users to the archive is also important, because the data will be used Yes continue. In addition to the legal aspects of a reliable compliance with the applicable legal requirements, as well as the possibility to use tamper-proof archived e-mail when legal wrangling, a professional email archiving solution offers a number of other benefits the company.

From an economic perspective an increase in employee productivity through quick and convenient access to a 100 is full email stock %. Economic damage reliably prevents data loss, also employees to delete E-Mails more accidentally or intentionally (E.g. at the exit of the company). Mailbox limits of employees are redundant. From a technical perspective the benefits of mostly permanent cost savings through reduced Storage needs, as well as a reduced complexity of backup and restore processes for your E-Mail Server. Also reduces the burden on the IT Department, because the end users can independently recover lost emails.