cherry of the cake, that we know everything, that we are owners of the truth We are perpetual apprenticees and also professors, we can learn with any person and also teach any. But coming back to the dream, I in the skin of famous disfarado writer of> excuse me, or as it prefers the Bonil friend, of Sumar, one forgives me, to the most recent read author more of New York Times, or one was badly to our expensive Chico friend At certain moment, I was with penalty of my colleagues of profession: journalists, photographers and cinegrafistas, that did not know which celebrity would interview, would photograph or film. The Scamparini (Ilze) was so well how much we found in them eventually in news articles, in the Campinas, of years 80. Everything ran in the normality of that chaos, until I heard the reporter of a team to say: After as many celebrities, we go to hear what a person of the people thinks of the reading. This person was I, in principle was surpreso, but envaidecido by being what the human being always must be: people. He very said taste to read and if he could give an advice for all, also for celebrities is that they give to its children the right to like reading. I know that TVs, Games and Filmes are very attractive, but will count> Obliged its Gabriel! and left hasty. I was thinking: Gabriel? My name is Edson, has the netinhos Joo Gabriel and Rian, I find that it confused me Age dream, I woke up and in the headboard of the bed Cheiro de Goiaba was the book, of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist of the Assessorship of the Press of the City hall of Sumar email: edsonsilvajornalista@>